Monday, February 10, 2014

A Review of Event Horizon's CD, Episode

Hey everyone, Dana here. If you didn't catch last week's blog post, I discussed the controversial Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial. This blog post will be a music review; but not a review of a major label band. I've decided that it's time to give local bands attention with the art they express through music. I'm reviewing a 4-track EP of a really awesome music group that my band played with in October of 2013. They're Event Horizon; a band from Mahopac, New York.

Let's begin with an introduction to Event Horizon, shall we? Their lineup consists of lead vocalist John Clark, drummer Parke O'Leary, bassist Craig Podell, guitarrist Mars Vendz and keyboardist Andrew Salamone. Together, they create this really unique sound that has rock and roll influences but with a splash of funk and progressive rock. Let me introduce their 4-track EP to you: Episode.

Track 1: Rift

This is a really good opening track. It starts off quiet and ambient, as if it's luring you in to listen more. The opening riff almost reminds me of the opening to "Mr. Crowley" by Ozzy Osborune, and then boom! A wall of sound emanates from my speakers. The rhythm makes me want to get up and dance; that's how catchy it is. I commend John Clark's singing voice; it was nearly identical to Claudio Sanchez of Coheed & Cambria. If I happened to walk by and not see that the band performing the song was Event Horizon, I would have thought "Whoa, Coheed came out with a new song? Awesome!" But it wasn't. I love a singer that has a very wide vocal range.

Track 2: Open and Emerge

Wow, an instrumental track. You don't see a lot of local bands that release an instrumental track. What I notice about most bands is that if there's an instrumental track, it's usually the opening track. Event Horizon, on the other hand, decided to make it their second track. It shows that they have a significantly wide range of music that they can create. While listening to this track, I feel like this belongs in a movie trailer, or part of the soundtrack to a movie. Right on.

Track 3: Fluorescence

The song begins with a beautiful piano introduction by Andrew Salamone. I think this is my favorite track at the moment. What I really like about this song is that it targets any person with any music taste. It has rock roots but I also hear pop and classical tones in there as well. I feel like this song belongs at a school dance or a senior prom. I was able to close my eyes and imagine a room filled with couples swaying side to side and gazing into each other's eyes. This song has a beautiful melody, driving lyrics and soothing chord progressions. Incredible job, guys.

Track 4: New Earth Army

I really love Craig Podell's bass playing in this song; it's really prominent in this track. As it says on their Facebook page, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of their influences, and I can really see it in this song. Although the song is over eight minutes long, it's a really awesome song to listen to. I feel like I'm listening to a well organized jam session. Any band that has an eight minute song needs to have a variety of sounds and that is exactly what Event Horizon did.

Overall, this is one of the finest albums made by a local band that I've heard in a really long time. Every track is different; whether it's the rhythm, the melody, or lyrics, it targets any listener. There is nothing worse than listening to an album with five of the songs sounding exactly the same as the last, but Event Horizon did the complete opposite. This shows that their sound ranges and expands in so many different directions. Job well done, guys. I really am looking forward to sharing the stage with you again soon.

Please be sure to check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp; where they post newly recorded songs and upcoming shows they will be performing at.
I hope you all enjoyed this review, and enjoy the rest of your week.

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