Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Recap of 2014

Hey everyone, Dana here. A few weeks ago, I did a music review on my favorite local band, Logan's Room. Since today is the last day of 2014, I might as well recap some of the most important events that happened this year. I usually make a status about it on Facebook, but I feel like making a blog post about it instead. I hope you all enjoy it.


Aside from the massive amount of snow, it was a pretty uneventful month. My life consisted of working part time, job hunting, band practice, sewing, and many matches of Mortal Kombat with Eddie, Brendan and Evan on the weekends. One of the things I remember vividly is driving home from work during one of the snowstorms, and it took me an hour and a half, when it usually takes only twenty minutes to drive home. The only other somewhat big thing that happened was that I finally got my final grades from my last semester of school, and I was waiting on confirmation of getting my diploma.


February was another quiet month. I didn't care about the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos or Bruno Mars, so the Superbowl party at Eddie's consisted of watching the Puppy Bowl and listening to fun music. February was a good month for music too; February 2014 marked the 20th anniversary since the release of Dookie, and remembering the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first visit to the U.S and appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. My band played at The Hub in Island Park, but because there was a dusting of snow, it was an extremely quiet turn-out. The highlight of February? This:


A lot of fun and amazing things happened in March. First, my good friend Brian asked me to fill in on bass for his band's show, and it was a really great turn out. I hung out with and ran into so many familiar faces. Although it felt so weird to be playing the bass on stage without Eddie and Brendan by my side, it was a lot of fun to play something different. Since I'm quite small, and pants tend to be a little too long for my legs, I taught myself how to hem pants without using a sewing machine! I even traveled back to the 1950's for my friend's 50's themed 25th birthday too! But the one thing that happened in March that still leaves me starstruck was this glorious moment:

That is Michale Graves, former lead vocalist of one of my favorite bands of all time, the Misfits. It was such an honor to meet him; let alone share the stage as him.


April was an interesting month. For the first time in my life, my April Fool's prank worked! I made everyone think I got fired from my job. My good friend Melissa and her boyfriend came back to NY for a visit and I reconnected with friends of hers that I met for the first time, or friends that I made at her going away party four years earlier.  I saw the "Bears" movie/documentary with Eddie, and our movie tickets went towards the National Park Foundation. I discovered a new passion for shopping at thrift stores and learned how to use a sewing machine! Oh, and my birthday was at the end of April. But my favorite highlight was this wonderful moment: receiving my diploma!


Like every May since 2012, May was a very emotional month for me. I started the month off right by celebrating my 23rd birthday at my house instead of Eddie's house over the years. Since the weather got warmer, I was able to ride my bike for miles on my days off; usually ending up lying down on a blanket reading a book at the private beach located a couple miles from my house. Those were the happy moments. But, like I said earlier, it took an emotional turn, for I remembered the loss of my dear friend Casey who passed away two years earlier. May was also rough with job hunting; I spent every night applying to jobs, but I either got no response at all, or the automated "we will contact you only if we feel you're a good fit for our company" email responses. Needless to say, those were turbulent nights. But it wasn't completely miserable. I saw Godzilla, and celebrated Eddie's birthday with multiple cases of Mountain Dew Baja Blast! My favorite moment of May was when my band opened up for Insubordination, a punk band from Virginia! 


This was one of my favorite months this year. I went on two job interviews (neither of them worked out) and played many shows with my band. First, we played at Even Flow and met a cool photographer who bought us chicken wings after our set! Later that weekend, we returned to Mr. Beery's to play with awesome bands like The Cavalry Is Us, The Best Lies and All New Episode! A couple days later, we  played at Revolution in Amityville! Our drummer quit right after our set. It was stupid of him to quit when we still had a show lined up, but we adjusted. And then just a week or two later, we played a set at The Hub in Island Park. It wasn't our best set since we had a literal last minute drummer play with us, but it was a good turn out. I then discovered Logan's Room; their debut concert that left me in awe. Unfortunately, that was the night we discovered our drummer dumped us to be the lead vocalist for another band. It's okay though, he got kicked out 3 weeks in, and we're great friends with that band anyway!♥ In short, I met so many awesome friends in June. Here's a couple:


Another interesting month in 2014. We started off by returning to The Hub to play an acoustic set on a rainy 4th of July show, but we networked with other bands and enjoyed spending time with them. My band spent most of July auditioning new permanent drummers and playing shows with fill-in drummers too. But the search came to an end when we auditioned Dillon, our long-lost little brother. After the session was over, I turned to Eddie and Brendan and said "I want Dillon in the band. I don't care about the others." From that moment on, Dillon joined the Bending Over Backwards family, and it was the happiest moment of 2014.


Like May this year, it was fun, but emotional. We played our first show with Dillon at Sinclair's Pub in West Babylon. About a week later, I took a tumble down a hill while on my bike and strained the muscles in my right arm. It took about a week and a half to heal, but it was one of the most painful injuries I've had since I sprained my ankle in 2010. How I managed to walk way with just a bruised arm and no broken bones is beyond my wildest dreams. Two days later, I had a job interview that went really well. That weekend, we played a show at a bowling alley with our good friends in Logan's Room. Another awesome moment in August was when the channel FXX ran the "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon; the longest running animated sitcom in television history broke the record of airing the longest running marathon in television history. Fantastic. Unfortunately, just a few days later, I got the call from my potential job that they decided not to offer me that job. I was heartbroken, but I didn't let it ruin the rest of my summer. My band played a house party, I finally read Greg Sestero's memoir The Disaster Artist, and of course, going to Rockaway Beach with these awesome people:


This was the first September in 18 years that I wasn't enrolled in some sort of educational institution. Boy, did that feel weird.Preparing for the super busy month ahead at work took up most of my days, but it wasn't all work! I had some pretty awesome times in September as well. I returned to Rockaway Beach and enjoyed my last hot summer day before the first day of Fall. My band played at an awesome record store in Sayville, and I watched the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode. My favorite moment of September? Being front and center at the Social Distortion concert at the Paramount with Eddie and Brendan!


Oh man, October was literally the busiest month out of every month I lived through in 2014. Because what happens when you work at a costume shop during the month of October? i.e Halloween? Work, work, work, work, WORK! I barely had any time to rest, eat, write blogs, or practice with my band. I managed to squeeze in some fun by playing Beatles monopoly with the band, going to a wedding, and pulling other non-work shenanigans, but I racked up over 40 hours one week, and then worked 10 hours a day towards the end of the month. But it was all worth it in the end. Remember the job interview in August? Remember I didn't get the job? Well, they called me back for a different position in another department, and I GOT THE JOB! I put my two weeks notice in at the costume shop, and got a chance to celebrate Halloween! Look how awesome me and Eddie looked as the Joker and Harley Quinn!


It was a very eventful month. I quit my job at the costume shop and started my new one at Kravet. I never worked at a corporate 9 to 5 Monday through Friday job before, so it took a bit of an emotional toll on me. But after being there for a week or two, I started adjusting to my new schedule. It's not bad at all, and my life didn't change either. My anxiety lead me to believe that I would never have a social life again, I'd have to quit my band, yada yada yada. But that was not the case at all. I saw Dumb and Dumber To, played board games such as Clue and Scattergories with my friends, took a trip into the city to celebrate my friend Kate's birthday, and of course: played shows with my band and other wonderful bands.♥


And here we are in December. Working at my new job and adjusting to corporate life, spending the first few Fridays at Brendan's house by watching movies and ordering in take-out and sleeping in on the weekends. I watched Logan's Room open up for Tantric at the Emporium in Patchogue, and even though Eddie Brendan and Dillon couldn't make it, I still had fun hanging out with everyone else who showed their support! Tantric put on a good show, but I had to leave early due to work the next morning. Another glorious moment in my life was waking up to find out that not only Joan Jett FINALLY got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but so did Green Day! My two favorite bands got inducted together! And of course, finally, Ringo Starr as well.♥ I guess my rant about Joan and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year finally paid off. They definitely saw it and finally listened to me! (haha...) I also received my very first jury duty summons, celebrated Christmas, and played a show at Revolution again! My favorite moment? Making a look-alike of the rag doll featured on Korn's album, Issues.


And now that it's New Year's Eve, I'm going to be celebrating it with some really great people tonight. I can honestly say that 2014 was a really great year, despite the frustrations with the job hunt. I met some really incredible people this year, I got myself a full time job, and finally got the permanent band lineup I always wanted since day one. One more thing: exactly one year ago today, I quit my job at CVS. Happy New Year, everyone. I love you all!♥

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