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A Review of Logan's Room's debut album: LBNY

Hey everyone, Dana here. Yes, it's been six months since I've posted on this blog. Six long months of working, playing shows with my band, and spending time with some really incredible people I've had the privilege to meet. Speaking of incredible people I've had the privilege to meet...I got a CD from some of them. Last night, my band shared the stage with our dearly beloved friends in Logan's Room. (If you recall, I posted a blog about them six months ago here.) They released their debut album last night, played the CD live in it's entirety, and I'm about to review each song track by track. Without further ado, here's LBNY! *insert applause here*
From left to right: Mike Giordano, Jordan Klinger, David Kaufman, Matt Capitano

Let's take it from the top, shall we?

Track# 1: Roman's Candle

The album opens up with Matt's guitar under an awesome effect with Mike's drums fading in as the entire band joins in for an awesome instrumental jam. When they played this instrumental intro last night, I couldn't help but head bang. Later on, the tempo picks up and I just imagine one day when these guys become a world touring act, the entire crowd will break into a mosh pit...especially with Matt's guitar solo a little more than three minutes in. This epic jam lasts for nearly five minutes. Wow.

Track# 2: Flip Me Off

This song makes me want to jump up and down whenever they play this song live. It's got this wall of sound as soon as the track plays. The hook of the song "Flip me off just to say: that's what I'm talking about" is the most memorable part of this song aside from the break down after Jordan screams "FLIP ME OFF!!!!!!" at the top of his lungs right after Dave's bass break. You can hear the raw emotion towards the end with Jordan screaming "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!" as the song comes to a crashing end.

Track# 3: Karma

This is by far the most catchy song on the entire album, and my favorite song out of the twelve songs on this album. It starts off with a guitar intro as Mike and Dave's drums and bass are perfectly in sync with each other. Then a wall of sound comes in with this dance-able rhythm. I sing along to it every single time they play it or when it plays on my iPod. It's their chorus that really draws me in. Later on, there's this guitar solo that gets stuck in my head after every listen. If anyone has ever done you wrong; whether it's an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a boss, a friend, or any other person that has treated you poorly, this song is for you. Check out their music video, by the way.

Track# 4: Do You Believe?

The song begins with Dave's bass, and then the rest of the band joins in. I have a thing for bass intros; not only am I a bass player myself, but it's something you don't see often. The "yeah, yeah, yeah" before the chorus is really good crowd interaction technique when played live. If there's one particular thing I like the most of of anything in this song, it's the rhythm. It's got this real classic metal sound; after hearing it last night, it honestly reminds me of "Sad But True" by Metallica. Awesome.

Track# 5: Your Savior

This song is absolutely beautiful. It starts off with a calm guitar intro. Then Mike has this incredible drum rhythm as the rest of the band joins in. This song reminds me of something you'd hear at a high school dance or a wedding. The calming sound of Jordan's voice and the smooth guitar riffs have this calming effect on me; especially the guitar solo after the bridge that leads into the final chorus. If I had trouble sleeping at night, or if I was feeling really anxious or uneasy, I'd listen to this song to calm my nerves and help me take the edge of off whatever was bothering me. This is another particular favorite of mine; I also sing along to it anytime they play it live or it shows up on my iPod.

Track# 6: Killing Me

This song opens up with Mike's drums; easily another head banger song. The sound I get from this song reminds me of something out of an early Alice in Chains or Van Halen album. There's a lot of raw emotions in this song...a lot of anger and frustration. But the one thing that cracks me up the most? I remember during their very first show at The Hub last summer, this song is about suffering with seasonal allergies. I think we all can relate to that one, don't you think? 

Track# 7: Locked Inside

This is another awesome one that I remember hearing at their first show last year that always stuck with me. Locked Inside opens up with wall of sound that leads into the main guitar riff between the verses and the chorus. During the first half of the first verse Jordan sings, you hear just drums and bass. It's that rhythm section that brings this whole song together. Matt's guitar solo towards the end before the final chorus is the most memorable part of the whole song.  Jordan screaming "WHAT THE HELL AM I!??!!" is the icing on the cake.

Track# 8: Don't Walk Away

The song starts off quiet with a smooth guitar riff with drum cymbals fading in...almost like how "Your Savior" starts. It's calm and soothing at reminds me of a song you'd listen to on a hot summer day at the beach. The calming sound gradually builds up as the guitar gets louder...then the heavy head banging emanates from my speakers. I love songs that have different dynamics...especially quiet to loud. Then the song ends the way it begins...quiet and soothing again as it fades out.

Track# 9: In Vain

In Vain has got to be the heaviest song on the album. This track starts off with an intro that lasts for nearly two minutes. It reminds me of a song you'd hear during a climactic fight scene in an action movie. After two minutes of jamming,then it quiets down for a bit as Jordan comes in with a falsetto singing voice that leads into heavy metal vocals. If there's one thing I admire about Jordan...his singing voices ranges from a calming soothing voice that you'd hear during a lullaby to heavy metal vocals like this. That is truly incredible. Like earlier songs, you can hear the raw emotions on this song. It's not music if your heart isn't in it.

Track# 10: Our Boys

This is the most intense song I've ever heard in my life. Between Jordan's vocals and the rhythm...let's take it from the beginning. The song begins with
 double drums played by Matt and Mike that send shivers down my spine. The rhythm reminds me of "Like Toy Soldiers" by Eminem. It is so intense to the point where my eyes tear up. If a music video was made from this song, I close my eyes and imagine scenes from My Chemical Romance's music video of "The Ghost of You" because all I think of during this song is war, violence, and pain. Jordan singing a verse in Hebrew completely blew my mind...I've never heard anything like that before. I'm just going to throw this out there. I've never once listened to a song by an unsigned artist that made me cry before. Obviously, this is by far one of the best songs on this album if my eyes tear up and my skin has goose bumps. Job well done, boys.

Track# 11: Dear Anonymous

This is another song that makes me cry too. There are many songs out there that bring me to tears, but not from an unsigned artist. If music brings out your emotions, there's something really significant here. As Jordan says during every live show when this song is about to be played, it's "an open letter to anyone that has ever lost someone." What a beautiful message. When a loved one is lost..your whole world shuts down. You feel more alone than any person on earth. But you know what? When a song like this is released, and you can feel the emotion in this song...that lonely feeling fades away and you can connect with this song on a real emotional level...that is pure beauty.The beautiful message I get from this  song is that 
even though a loved one is not physically here, you will never truly say good-bye because that person is in your mind, heart, and soul forever in eternity. As much as it pains me and reminds me of every loved one I ever lost in my is comforting to know that I am not alone and I can connect with anyone else who lost a loved one. Bravo.

Track# 12: LBNY

And so we come to eponymous final track...LBNY. In case you don't know, LBNY stands for Long Beach, New York. Long Beach was where Logan's Room first got together, so it was very fitting that they would name their debut album after where they formed. Everyone from Long Beach, NY should listen to this song and feel some kind of connection...especially the chorus. My favorite thing about this song is that when this song is played live...a "hey! hey! hey!" chant happens...another awesome crowd interaction technique. There's this really catchy guitar solo Matt plays as the drums come to a crashing end...and the last thing you hear from LBNY  is this lone guitar chord that continues to soar through my speakers as the track fades out.

That's LBNY, everyone. And now this is what I have to say after hearing this album from beginning to end...

What continues to blow my mind away is that these guys have been together for only one year. In one whole year, Logan's Room opened up for world touring acts, played countless shows together, and released a twelve track CD. Like I said in my last blog about them, I could not believe that the gig in Island Park last year was their very first show together. The chemistry and connection Matt, Mike, Jordan and Dave have with each other is absolutely unbelievable. They've grown so much over the past year...and after each performance, they continue to make me proud. I've seen many local bands over the past couple of years. I'm a firm supporter of local bands. But I never once had a deep emotional attachment to a band until I met Logan's Room. My band has had the honor of sharing the stage with them many times this past year, and I cannot wait to play another show with them again.

Thank you all for checking out this review. Do me a favor, and buy this CD. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or any other way to listen to their music. You will not regret it. Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone.

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