Monday, November 9, 2015

The "war" on Christmas

Why, hello my dear readers! Dana has returned to the writing realm! Please, forgive me for the inactive status of this blog. It's been a busy summer and quite the productive autumn as well with my job, my band, and seeing as many people as I possibly can. I hope all is forgiven. In recent events, I've noticed the biggest and most contrversial trending topic that's spreading all over social media: this so-called "war" on Christmas. You know, Starbucks removing the Christmas thing from their red cups. People getting all offended at "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas" Does that sound familiar?
I've ignored the Facebook statuses, the memes, and angry pictures for quite sometime now. Well, enough is enough, and I'm finally voicing my feelings about this absurd ideology.

Okay, so let's begin with the Starbucks red cup controversy. To be honest, I never really bought coffee, tea, frappucinos, hot chocolate, or anything from Starbucks up until maybe a month or two ago because A) I'm not much of a coffee drinker. B) The prices were always jacked up compared to other coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts, or any other place that sells hot caffinated beverages. C) The places I do go to don't have a Starbucks nearby so I have no reason to go out of my way to go there. I've only recently gone there because I discovered delicious secret menu items that I enjoy from time to time. I never bought anything from Starbucks during the holiday season, so I'm clueless as to what you're given after ordering the "talle," "grande" or "verde" sized beverage. This is all new to me. 

For the past few days, I'm noticing people getting offended that the seasonal red cups Starbucks give out during the holiday seasons suddenly don't have Christmas-y designs on the cups anymore. It's just a red cup with the Starbucks logo like what you see right here. Instead of having a faded design of a Christmas tree, a snowflake, or a poinsetta, it's just a plain red cup with the Starbucks logo. I'm confused here. What is so offensive about not having a design on the cup? The cup is solely used for containing the liquids you are consuming, and it's getting tossed in the trash after consuming said beverage anyway. How is this considered "politically correct," or "attacking" Christmas? Better yet, why are politics getting placed with a PAPER CUP THAT CONTAINS HOT LIQUIDS? Is this what people are seriously getitng upset about? A paper cup without designs? I have a feeling this is one of those things that purposely get people to start talking so Starbucks can be the hot topic of the week. Well, it worked, but it makes no sense to me. According to numerous articles I read, the reason why it's blank is so people can customize their own cups. But like I said before, it's getting tossed in the garbage after it's initial use. It's just a silly design, people. There's nothing to get upset about here, and it's really no big deal. There are so many more awful things on this planet that are worth getting upset over...but here we are getting our panties up in a bunch over a paper cup. Nice going, guys.

And this one...imagine yourself Christmas shopping at the mall; you go up to to the register, you pay, the cashier bags all of your stuff for you, and the cashier says to you, with a smile, "Happy Holidays." What would you do? 
And what if the cashier said, with a smile, "Merry Christmas," what would you do? 
Would you seriously correct him/her and make the person feel ashamed for wishing you well during the holiday season? If you answered "yes, I would," that's really frightening.
Do you have any idea how rude that is? Do you have any idea how hurtful that is to do to someone? Making that person apologize for saying something nice and having to take back the friendly greeting? That's absurd! 
If I was told either "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas," I would say "thanks! Same to you" because, I don't know, that's the polite thing to do when someone wishes me well? Why are politics being put into kind gestures? Now we can't greet people without offending people anymore? This is unacceptable. 
Why are kind gestures offensive to people? 

Why is Christmas offensive all of a sudden? 
Why is "Happy Holidays" offensive to everyone? Can someone explain that to me?
The fact that someone is wishing you wonderful things during the holidays is one of the kindest things anyone can ever do, especially if they do not personally know you. So many people out in the world aren't told that at all because they might not have families to spend the holidays with. The world we live in now is a cruel one. Why ruin something so harmless, if not kind? Why get offended at all? Just say "thank you," return the gesture, and go on your merry way. It's not that difficult. Don't ruin a kind gesture by correcting that person.
I have no recollection of"political correctness" growing up. I was never ever told to tell people "Happy Holidays" without accidentally offending anyone growing up. But then again, maybe political correctness was happening and I was just too little and naive to notice. But politics do not belong in kind gestures and holidays. If you don't celebrate Christmas, why get offended at the words "Merry Christmas" or any other Christmas decorations outside? Just move on. And if you do celebrate Christmas, why get offended at "Happy Holidays?" They're just words. They're not even insults or profanities. THAT would be something to be offended over! Foul language in publc is something to get upset over. The fact that we're getting upset over non-decorative disposible coffee cups is a big reality check here. Stop fighting with each other. We're all humans. We're all living on this planet together and we're all going to the same place when our lives come to an end. Let's end this stupid and unnecssary "war" on Christmas and live our lives in peace.

Thank you all for reading my little rant here. I just get upset when people take kind gestures and turn it into something ugly. Hopefully the next time I write here, it will be a happier, lighthearted blog post like a movie review, local band CD review, etc. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week! I will write as soon as I find inspiration again!

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  1. there is no war on christmas. conservatives just love to bitch about everything, get hyper sensitive and pretend that they're victims and in the minority.