Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My thoughts on cultural appropriation

Hey guys, Dana here. Wow, it's been a while since I've returned to the writing realm. The last time I wrote here, it was in the beginning of June when I decided to rip apart Brock Turner,(who is being released from jail which makes me want to bash my head through a wall) and threw in my two cents about rape. Since then, I essentially took the summer off to soak up as much vitamin D as possible by going to the beach, playing shows with my band, and even took a mini road trip to hang out with some friends in New Jersey one random Friday I was off from work. Now that summer's on it's way out, I'm back.

Inspiration has struck me today, ladies and gents. It's something that I've kind of ignored, but once someone had the audacity to silence me when I used my voice, the gears in my tiny little brain started working. If you don't know, I have a Tumblr account.(Why, Dana? That site is filled with psychos!) I'm on there mainly for entertainment purposes to reblog funny stuff, deep stuff, adorable animals, or I write my own thoughts on there when I don't feel like having my entire social life asking me what's wrong. Well, a minor incident on Tumblr decided to inspire me to write today. Let's have a chat about cultural appropriation.

While I was on Tumblr earlier this afternoon, I stumbled on a page that shows hate against white people. Like, in a sick obsessive kind of way. The person's username is i-heartducksblr with a page called Black Teen Angst with a short caption on how this person has zero tolerance for white people. Uh oh, looks like we got a black panther lurking on Tumblr. So anyway, someone anonymously told this person that they don't think it's offensive that a white person has dreadlocks. I agreed with the anonymous person, and shortly after, I was greeted with this "cute" message to the right over here:

...First off, what the hell is a trick? Well, thanks to, I discovered that the term "trick" is a derogatory term for a woman who's sexually promiscious. In other words, this person called me a slut. Interesting, since that post had nothing to do with sex, but that's rather irrelevant, I suppose. I think it's interesting that I have no pictures of myself featured on my Tumblr page, yet assumed I was a woman who was sexually promiscious. Very prejudice for a black panther. And then, with poor grammar, threatened that my "white ass" should unfollow the page. Yet all I did was agree with a comment about a hairstyle. I laughed. This charming person didn't say anything after I responded with LOL you're hilarious" with a bunch of laughing emojis.

Left: Jon Davis Right: Bray Wyatt

Before 2016, i.e this current generation of political correctness and being overly sensitive over trivial things, no one gave a rat's ass if a white person rocked the dreadlocks or any other "non-white" hairstyle. Perfect example to my left here: Jonathan Davis of Korn rocks dreadlocks. Always have, and probably always will. Is anyone offended by that? Hm? Are people getting all freaked out because two white guys have dreadlocks because white people didn't invent the dreadlocks? Some extremely closed-minded people, maybe, but no one gave him problems or made it controversial. WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt has dreadlocks now. Is he going to get suspended from WWE for being "racially insensitive?" No, because that's absurd. As long as you're not hurting anyone, screaming death threats, physically attacking someone or doing anything life threatening to yourself or someone else, no one should be getting harrassed over fashion. When I was growing up, I've never seen anything like that happen before. Nobody bothered anyone unless the outfit was "too revealing." Hell, I even pulled something a crazy hairstyle once. Take a look at this picture from when I was 14:
When I was 14 years old in 2005, I went on a cruise with my immediate family and my extended family. When we stopped at this beach in Honduras, I got my hair braided into cornrows. When I came back home, I got so many compliments; nobody gave me a problem over this hairstyle. In fact, people wished they could have gone there to get their hair braided too. Now, since everyone gets offended over trivial garbage, I bet if I rocked this hairstyle now, I'd get the shit kicked out of me for "being racist." Apparently rocking a hairstyle is racist.

Let's get one thing straight here. A HAIRSTYLE DOES NOT MAKE YOU RACIST OR OFFENSIVE. I mean, really? Are people seriously getting their panties up in a bunch over a frickin' hairstyle? So wait, hair is offensive now? Let's just shave our heads so we'll all be bald and can't offend anyone anymore! How about this? Who the hell cares what race you are? Who the hell cares what color your skin is? It's kind of sickening how people are so obsessive over how other people live their lives.
"Oh, that white guy is wearing dreads, he's racist."
"Oh, that black girl straightened her hair, she's trying to be white."
"That guy's long hair makes him look like a girl."
"Hahaha, that chick with the pixie cut is a total dyke."

or God's sake, leave these people alone. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is to say to someone? Stop complaining about other people and focus on your own miserable life! Are those comments really necessary? This planet is ugly enough as it is. There's so much hate in the world we live in, and there's so many other awful things we should worry about instead of the physical appearance of a complete stranger. A white person wants to rock dreads or cornrows? Cool. A black person wants to straighten/dye their hair? Awesome. Other people want to shave their heads into mohawks and spike their hair into liberty spikes? Go for it, you have my blessing. People shouldn't even NEED to have anyone's blessing because it's their life, their appearance, their own identity, and no one should be able to take that away from anyone.  Good night, and thanks for reading.

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  1. Try again. One's hairstyle says a lot about them. That dude put you down bc you don't understand systemic racism. You don't get this issue and should educate yourself a bit more before you continue to sound ridiculous.

    Dreds are black hair. Period. When white Ppl appropriate hairstyles that would be considered "nasty" or "unprofessional" on a black person and get appreciated for it, that's fucked. You feeling bad that some guy called you a trick is nothing compared to real racism that effects people of color on a regular basis. I just happened upon this blog, and I won't be back, but I felt you should know how silly you sound. I wish you well and seriously hope you try to educate yourself on what people of color actually deal with on a regular basis.

    White folks with dreds are being racist, they just don't realize most of the time.